(2018) [gamelan, flexible folk band] c.6’
A folk arrangement created in collaboration with Gamelan Sekar Petak
Premiere: Gamelan Sekar Petak, York, 16/05/18


(2017) [mixed voices, pno] c.10’
Commissioned by Castaway for Hull UK City of Culture 2017
Premiere: Castaway Sing, Goole, 16/06/17

The Voyage

(2016) [multi-arts performance piece] c.60’
Created with Engine Room Theatre, supported by Arts Council England
Premiere: Engine Room Theatre, Junction Goole, 01/10/16


(2015) [string quartet, vibraphone, hand bells] c.9'
Commissioned by Late Music
Premiere: Late Music Ensemble, York, 01/08/15

Sings her blessings

(2014) [SATB with divisi] 5’50''
Commissioned by Octameron
Premiere: Octameron, Langcliffe, 15/10/16

A Midsummer Night's Dream

(2014) [theatrical score for voices, perc, pno, flexible ensemble] c.45’
Created in collaboration with Castaway & Engine Room Theatre
Premiere: Castaway & Engine Room Theatre, Junction Goole, 16/07/14

Fairies Sing

(2013) [voices, perc, pno, flexible ensemble] 6'
Commissioned through the BBC Performing Arts Fund
Premiere: Castaway Goole & East Riding WI, Beverley, 15/06/13

Tagradh gu Moire Mhàthair

(2011) [SATB with divisi] 14'
Commissioned through the Adopt A Composer scheme
Premiere: Strathclyde University Chamber Choir, Glasgow, 03/06/11

to pull an eerie twist

(2011) Text piece commissioned by Judith Ring as part of a new work for voice, cello and electronics, created for Sensorium Dublin.

Three fragments

(2010) Text piece commissioned by David Bremner as part of Béal Music and Text Festival, Dublin.

One Year Stand

(2010) [spoken voice] 3'30''
Created for Béal Music and Text Festival
Premiere: Emily Crossland, Dublin, 03/11/10

The Winter's Tale

(2009) [theatrical score for clt, vln, vc, gtr, perc] c.40'
Commissioned by Marcus Emerton
Premiere: York Drama Barn, 04/06/09

Tá an capall marbh

(2010) [pelog bonang barung] c.3'30''
A Javanese gamelan arrangement of Peter Moran's The Horse is Dead
Premiere: Gamelan Sekar Petak, York, 26/05/10

Harry and the Wolf

(2008) [db, voice] c.6'
Commissioned for the York Spring Festival of New Music
Premiere: The Jorvik Ensemble, York, 15/05/09

Fireworks in the Bathtub...

(2008) [Javanese double gamelan] 8'
Created for Ergodos Festival
Premiere: Gamelan Sekar Petak, Dublin, 18/04/09

time drops in decay

(2008) [flexible instrumentation] 5'
Commissioned by CoMA Yorkshire for the Late Music Festival
Premiere: CoMA Yorkshire, York, 15/06/08

The Stranger on the Southbound Train

(2008) Text piece commissioned by Peter Moran for his award-winning song of the same name.

A Graphic Representation of Mental Fluctuation

(2007) [hn, tpt, vln, vc, pno, perc] 7'
Premiere: Chimera, York, 09/06/08